As published in FOOTPRINT+ on 12 May 2023

“When it comes to ESG, the subject is in its infancy; there are lots of different people all working towards the same goal. We therefore look forward to having conversations with those who, like us, are trying to push boundaries in the delivery of carbon neutral properties.” Karl Stansbie, Director at Hollis

Why is it important that the UK’s property, planning, and sustainability sectors come together at FOOTPRINT?

The call for the entire property sector to tackle energy consumption and create environmentally and socially sustainable places is constantly growing. We can only achieve real change if we work together and share ideas, especially as it is a constantly evolving topic. Businesses of all shapes and sizes are committing themselves to becoming ‘zero-carbon’, but without the buildings we occupy being fit for this purpose, it is impossible for anyone to achieve.

What did you hear about / experience at our last year’s event which has made you want to come back?

It was great to hear from so many consultants / developers that have been flying the net zero carbon flag for years and how creating sustainable buildings has been the core of their business plan from the outset.  It was also great to talk to so many people wanting to upskill and gain better understanding of the challenges the industry faces over the coming years and how some of these challenges can be turned into great opportunities.

When you attend FOOTPRINT in June 2023 what will you be sharing with conference delegates, policy makers, your partners, and your industry peers?

Taking away the moral responsibility the industry has towards carbon reduction, there are clear commercial implications for property businesses who don’t get their assets in order.

I will be looking at the looming MEES and EPC deadlines, with advice on what landlords can be doing to ensure their buildings are compliant and future proofed against the changes coming over the next decade.

There is a growing desire across the industry for ESG to be about more than just compliance though and I will be sharing details of some of the work we are doing with clients to put in place cross-portfolio strategies that consider improvement to both the environmental and social aspects.

Advances in technology is enabling us to be innovative in the way we approach clients needs when it comes to retrofitting buildings to be more carbon friendly, especially when it comes to real life usage by occupiers and the impact of whole life carbon.

The idea of achieving net-zero ambitions can be daunting, but the pathway can be easily made manageable with the right support, advice, and strategy. The key is building it into plans at the start of any project, rather than trying to adapt plans as an afterthought, otherwise it can become an expensive and time-consuming task.

What are you looking to get out of the FOOTPRINT event?

One thing we have found when it comes to ESG is that ideas and innovation is in its infancy and there are lots of different people all working towards the same goal. Sharing ideas is essential to ensure best practice; we are therefore looking forward to having conversations with other people who, like us, are trying to push boundaries in the delivery of carbon neutral properties.

Karl Stansbie

Project management

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