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Our vision is to positively impact our communities, the built environment and the world. We aim to make a real, positive difference for the environment, communities, our people and everyone we work with.

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) is a massively important agenda globally and one that is at the very top of our priority list. Across our business, we have the knowledge, expertise, connections, and resources to make buildings perform the best they can, for both people and planet, so we are right at the heart of helping our clients and our governments achieve their ESG goals and commitments.

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Our ESG vision: To become the leading international, independent real estate consultancy with a strong reputation for delivering social, economic and environmental benefits to all our stakeholders and the communities where we deliver our work.
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Environmental impact

To reduce the threat of climate change and mitigate the associated effects, we must reduce waste, resource consumption and carbon emissions. As a consultancy, the biggest impact that we can have is helping our clients meet their ESG aspirations. We recognise our responsibility to drive energy efficiency, protect resources and find innovative ways to deliver on our clients’ sustainability goals.

Our environmental strategy focuses on minimising our carbon footprint as a business, collaborating with industry to find innovative ways to reduce impacts and building our      in-house ESG capability to support clients to meet their goals.

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Social value

Social value is about recognising the importance of social, economic and environmental wellbeing across our communities; and that as an organisation we play a vital role in delivering these benefits for our stakeholders and wider communities. This includes evidencing the value that this creates for them.

Our social value strategy focuses on social mobility, inspiring the next generation through our apprenticeship and graduate programme, and supporting causes and communities through charitable giving and pro bono work.

      • Charity of the Year programme
      • Graduate, apprenticeship and work placement programmes
      • LandAid Foundation partner
      • LionHeart partner
      • Living Wage Employer accreditation
      • Pathways to Property partner
      • Payroll Giving Award winner
      • Social Mobility Pledge signatory
      • University mentoring scheme
      • UrbanPlan UK school volunteering
      • School Outreach
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Governance at Hollis is about clear, unfettered decision making and delegated authority where appropriate. Our governance strategy deals with our leadership and structure, transparency and reporting, executive pay, audits and internal controls.

Code of conduct

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Handling clients money

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Our education and social mobility partners

  • Building People

  • The Chartered Surveyors' Company

  • The Academy of Real Assets

  • Chartered Surveyor's Training Trust

  • Urban Land Institute

  • 10,000 Black Interns

  • RICS

  • Pathways to Property