Information security

Cyber criminals are becoming more sophisticated in the way they gain information and organisations, as well as individuals, have all been targeted; everyone is at risk and should remain cautious of unusual activity online, taking extra care of sensitive information.

Hollis has Cyber Essentials Plus and ISO27001 accreditations to ensure we are following information and IT security best practices. We have policies in place for data protection, information security, and data handling and transmission to protect against common cyber-attacks.

What’s a phishing scam?

Fraudsters may pose as someone from Hollis to involve you in a scam or a fraud.  This may result in scam emails tempting you to click on links where they could steal personnel information, they may appear to be genuine emails.

What to look out for 

  • A phishing email may not be personally addressed to you but may begin with ‘Dear client’
  • Links to documents that you are not expecting from Hollis
  • Poor grammar and spelling that is not professional
  • Emails or website addresses purportedly from Hollis but are not using our format or
  • Emails advising that our bank account details have changed through the lifecycle of an engagement but are not from our CFO/Finance Director (please be aware that Hollis cannot be held responsible for any monies transferred to an incorrect bank account)
  • Requests for payments where you have no projects going on with the business

If you receive a call appearing to be somebody from Hollis, which you are unsure about, take the time to verify the caller particularly if they are seeking confirmation of confidential information.

Report it 

If you receive a phishing email appearing to be from somebody at Hollis, do not click on any links or requests to provide information that should be ignored. You can report such incidents to, forwarding us a copy where it will be investigated as a matter of urgency.

More information 

Working together we can minimise the risks of information security incidents. Hollis strongly advises that you keep your anti-virus and anti-malware software up to date to reduce the risk of being caught out by online scams.