Virtual due diligence

With the need to keep transactions moving in an increasingly digital world, we’ve combined our cutting-edge H360 tour technology with market-leading TDD expertise to offer a virtual due diligence service. Using our H360 technology we capture building data through a bespoke data hub to produce virtual tours of a property and tag and report on the condition of the building, allowing you to conduct digital due diligence from a distance.

Informed decision making for transactions and asset management

Through accessing an online data hub, buyers, sellers and asset managers can view a building remotely before, during and after transactions through a virtual tour which includes all the technical due diligence information (building survey, area referencing drawings, M&E, lease plans, ESG information etc.), as well as highlighting any risk areas. The platform brings together all the data about the condition of a property giving remote buyers and their advisers a better understanding of the property for sale. We can then update this data after purchase with information on projects, licences for alteration, etc., so the new owner has a complete and up-to-date record with everything in one place. The data can then be used as an on-going asset management tool and is assignable to different parties throughout the lifetime of the building.

Prioritising ease and efficiency

Our virtual due diligence offer allows for ease and efficiency. The virtual survey is carried out in tandem with the TDD inspection enabling quicker inspection times and providing everything in one place. This avoids the need to sift through separate reports to find the information you want. It also reduces the need for multiple teams to go on site, saving both time and money and allowing the whole transaction team to view data remotely, from anywhere in the world.

The data hub itself is visually-led, intuitive and easy to navigate, featuring pop-up photos to allow you to have a closer look at risk areas.