We were delighted to partner with Property Week for their Get Set for Net Zero initiative, and to host the high-level brunch debate at the Hollis rooftop during MIPIM.  

Katherine Beisler, Director and Head of ESG Consulting joined experts and partners of the initiative, which also featured a keynote from board member of Better Buildings Partnership Abigail Dean of Nuveen Real Estate, to discuss the importance of collaboration. 

Watch the video interview featuring Katherine and gain insight into the new optimism surrounding the road to net zero: 

  • The introduction of whole building targets, such as CRREM, necessitates a need to work together to reach these targets that look at the whole building energy use.  
  • Where historically there was a lack of conversation between the landlords and occupiers, ESG is a topic they can now collaborate and agree on. Landlords are engaging more and more with tenants to establish what can be done together to meet goals and agreeing key performance indicators that are meaningful for both sides, which is an important step. 
  • In recent years, funders have really developed their sustainable financing and green loan structures, setting concrete ESG KPIs that, if met, would result in better interest rates being offered on loans. 
  • The question remains around which regulatory standard we should all align to as a sector. This is a common question that our clients come to us with. There is uncertainty in legislation and differences in every country and region. Guidance from organisations such as Better Buildings Partnership, RICS, UKGBC and SBTI who are setting standards and leading the way, will help us align as a sector and we will start to see these coalesce.

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