In the next of our Delivering the S in ESG series, we look at another of our brilliant education partners who are fighting for social mobility in the built environment. A not-for-profit organisation working with individuals, schools, academies, colleges, and employers, we introduce Proactive Young People.

Our industry needs proactive young people

Proactive Young People are an organisation seeking to inspire young people to become emotionally literate whilst enhancing the skills they need in the workplace. From entrepreneurship to work related learning to work experience, Proactive Young People develop strategic business partnerships across the UK to help them provide opportunities for young people to learn.

Passionate about tackling the barriers to entry within real estate, we formed a partnership with Proactive Young People in February of this year and have dived in with delivering their mission ever since. We have already taken part in numerous of their events since partnering, including CV preparation workshops, speed interviewing sessions, and employability and apprenticeship events, meeting with students from ages 11 to 16.

Employees from all departments at Hollis are keen to get involved, with members of the talent acquisition, building surveying and early careers teams having signed up to volunteer. Volunteering with Proactive Young People allows the opportunity to give back to our local communities, help inspire future talent into real estate, and contribute towards a diverse and inclusive workforce; something all of Team Hollis is passionate about.

Myna Vu, one of our volunteers, told us:

“I wanted to volunteer as I didn’t have anything like this when I was in school, and although the students are young and have a while to think about the working world, you leave an impression on people so anything I share with them hopefully they can use for their future. I’m looking forward to doing more of these!”

Inspiring future talent

In conjunction with the South East Midlands Local Enterprise Partnership and The Careers and Enterprise Company, Proactive Young People have launched the Young Ambassador Network (YAN) to raise awareness of the alternative routes into employment and support schools in advising their students on these pathways. The network is built of apprentices and young people who can share their experiences and answer questions on what it’s like to move into the working world.

It is important to share real-life success stories, and so two of our apprentices have proudly signed up as ambassadors. Dan Nixon and Alfie Carrington have committed to meeting with students across the Bedfordshire region, at assemblies, careers fairs and business briefings. Hear more from Dan and Alfie on why they signed up to inspire students about apprenticeships:

“It’s incredibly positive to visit local schools to get them excited about the built environment. So many young people don’t know what they want to do post-secondary school; so if we can help and promote our industry: that’s awesome. It creates discussion, debate and provides access to our ever-changing built environment.” Dan Nixon, Chartered Building Surveyor

“As a building surveyor, I embrace my role in inspiring the next generation to explore alternative paths beyond traditional university education. Through apprenticeships and hands-on experiences, I aim to ignite a passion for the art of construction, empowering young minds to discover their unique talents and carve their own successful journeys. By opening doors to diverse opportunities, we pave the way for innovation, growth, and the realisation of dreams, proving that true knowledge and wisdom can be cultivated through both academic and practical avenues.” Alfie Carrington, Building Surveyor

Find out more

Proactive Young People is working hard to make a positive impact on students and help them develop the skills they need for successful careers. We are proud to support them on their mission and look forward to making a difference with them.

Well done to all volunteers who are committed to shaping the future of students’ careers across the UK, including many of our own employees.

To find out more about Proactive Young People, visit their website here:

Vicki Palmer

Senior Corporate Social Responsibility & Early Careers Manager

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