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As published in EG on 18 May 2022

On this week’s Bricks & Mortar, Sarah Jackman is joined by Vikki Aitkenhead, a Director at Hollis and Laura Chappell, a Brand & Communications Executive at Hollis, for a look at their mentoring relationship and the benefits they derive from it – as a mentor and a mentee.

As initiator of the Hollis mentoring scheme, Aitkenhead reflects on how it was set up, its success since launching in 2019 and plans to develop it in the future. She describes the joy of watching her mentees progress and grow in confidence, as well as the ability to be able to give something back.

Chappell meanwhile highlights the benefits not only of taking part in a formal mentoring programme, but of being able to speak to someone who works in a completely different area of the business.

Vikki Aitkenhead

Regional Managing Director
Management Board

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