Hollis has never been a company to sit still; always pushing the boundaries, looking forward, and building on our strong foundation. Our belief in getting things right for our people and our clients isn’t just for today, but also for tomorrow, and the days after that; and so this year our focus is on engaging everyone with our Vision, Ambition and Purpose to pave a successful future for us all.

Our vision serves as a roadmap, outlining the future we strive to create and the impact we aim to make over the next 20 years and beyond. It acts as a unifying force for everyone at Hollis, bringing together our diverse talents, expertise and our all together different approach as one team.

Our Vision

“To create a place where we have positively impacted our communities, the built environment and the world.”

An image of the future, this is the ultimate destination for Hollis and where we are all aiming to reach. Underpinned by our Hollis Way, this involves utilising our One Team approach to keep delivering for our clients, and taking steps to create a more inclusive real estate industry. This means continuing to keep ESG at the forefront of our decision making; from our internal operations and driving our business towards net zero, to working with clients to decarbonise their own real estate. It also means driving technology, knowing that the future lies in innovation.

Our Ambition

In everything we do, we must hold onto our culture; and this means delivering on our commitment to being a diverse and inclusive workforce, providing an open environment for learning and development, and always finding the fun in what we do.

By maintaining our One Team culture, we can ensure continued sustainable growth and also create opportunities for our people and to give back to our communities and environment.

We’ll continue to diversify our services, sectors, locations and people to be representative of the world we live in, the industry we operate in, and retain our passion to be at the forefront of innovation in sustainability, diversity, technology and productivity.

Our Purpose

We are one team; we always have been, and always will be. We are a fun and rewarding place to be and take immense pride in setting the standards for others to follow. It is our purpose which underpins our four core values and makes us the way we are. Our purpose is why we’re on this journey.

Moving forward, our Vision, Ambition and Purpose will be at the forefront of everything we’re doing; we will align our actions with our vision, fuel our ambition with innovation and ensure that our purpose remains at the core of everything we do. And like any of our plans, it is robust for change, and flexible to react and adapt to the world around us, whether that be global, economic, social or new developments in data and technology, or new areas for us to explore.

We all know the market has been uncertain, but we remain strong in our position that by doing the best by our people and our clients, we will be able to navigate the challenges that lie ahead; alongside seizing opportunities and creating a prosperous future for our people, clients and communities. I, along with the whole Hollis team, look forward to embarking on this journey of growth, purpose and achievement together.