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Eyes on the future – technology and innovation

The world is changing rapidly, and so too must our profession. We’ve always strived to find ways of doing things better, continually seeking new ideas, technologies and ways of working. Technology and innovation should be seen as an opportunity not to replace surveyors, but as a way to improve our services and develop new ones, while also encouraging increased productivity.

Exploring new technologies

Much of our innovation work focuses on gathering and analysing high-quality data to enable us and our clients to make more informed decisions. As surveyors, we need the best possible information to formulate comprehensive and accurate reports. To help us do so we are now using or evaluating a range of technologies including:

  • Drones – to collect high-resolution imagery of external and internal building elements over larger areas in a more accurate, cost-effective, and safer way
  • Photogrammetry – to enable highly detailed models of buildings to be generated, allowing greater understanding of issues and problem-solving
  • 360 panoramas – using our own software H360, we can provide virtual tours of a property to provide immediate access to onsite information

By its very nature innovation never stands still, so there are many new initiatives in the pipeline that we’ll continue to explore to drive the industry forwards.

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