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Partner and Area Referencing specialist, Tom Pugh, has been appointed to the International Property Measurement Standard Coalition Standard Setting Committee (IPMSC SSC).

The committee was formed in 2013 by the International Property Measurement Standards Coalition (IPMSC) group to draft all IPMS standards.

Tom is a leading expert in the International Property Measurement Standard and has been an active member of the RICS Property Measurement Standard working group for over four years. He has contributed diagrams for the IPMS documents and RICS professional statements as well as providing advice to the existing SSC members. Tom’s technical expertise and the work within the RICS group makes him a natural fit for the committee.

Tom said: “I am very proud to be asked to be part of the committee and to help shape the global property market.”

The IPMSC is a group of more than 80 professional organisations aiming to create and implement global standards for property measurement. The Coalition was founded in 2013 during a meeting at the World Bank in Washington. They work to coordinate the measurement systems used around the world, in pursuit of a system that affords more clarity to its users.

The next IPMSC SSC meeting will be held at the end of April, where members hope to finalise the IPMS: Retail Document, which will standardise how retail areas are reported.

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