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Partners Ian McKenna and Paul Lovelock will be presenting on the ‘The Law, Policy and Practice of Party Walls and Rights to Light – Investigating and Understanding the Responsibilities, and Avoiding the Costly Pitfalls if Overlooked’ at Henry Stewart’s brand new CPD course on 05 October 2018 at The Hatton.

Rights to light and party wall matters are often dealt with only late in the programme of development projects. This can result in litigation and/or costly remedial action. Understanding potential rights to light and party wall issues early in the development process is essential to the smooth running of any project and is necessary to avoiding delay and expense. Topics include:

  • What works are ‘notifiable’ under the Act
  • The implications for successors in title and how to address them
  • Complications and pitfalls – and how to avoid them
  • Case examples and the lessons they teach
  • Rights to light – what to do when they arise
  • What they are and how they are acquired
  • How you can prevent them accruing and how to extinguish them
  • How light is traditionally measured; including an emerging approach
  • Valuation of damages
  • How to avoid being injuncted
  • The essential early planning and due diligence