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We are proud to announce an exciting partnership with EG to support their Mental Health Programme – a collaboration with ‘This Can Happen’ and other partners including The Crown Estate, LionHeart and the John O’Halloran Initiative to explore mental health challenges and solutions in real estate. The aim of this programme and partnership is to allow those in real estate to accelerate their awareness and understanding of workplace mental health.

Real estate has a significant role to play in improving mental health. One in four people has had to leave at least one job in the last five years because of pressure and the negative impact it had on their mental health. Meanwhile poor mental health costs employers between £33bn and £42bn a year, according to the Thriving at Work report, with low productivity, absenteeism, and staff turnover all affected by employee wellbeing.

This new programme will bring to life experiences from leading names in real estate as well as experiences and invaluable advice from people across other sectors too.

HR Partner, Melanie Olrik said: “As part of our people led approach we are proud to be teaming up with other leading voices in the industry who are passionate about supporting mental health. We have a number of systems in place across the business to ensure people feel supported and have somewhere to turn to, no matter what they’re going through and are excited to have the opportunity to share our learnings and to learn from others to help move the industry forwards.”

Senior Partner, John Woodman said: “Stigma continues to exist around mental health and we have much to do as an industry to not only give it the attention it deserves but also to have the support and structures in place to deal with it proactively.”