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During this festive season we wish to make a difference all together by helping others. So we’ve taken a different approach to our campaign this year. ‘Ho Ho Hollis’ will see us give out colourful, festive chocolate bars to our clients and contacts. In return, we’re encouraging people to take a selfie with the chocolate bar and to tag ‘Hollis’ on social media. For every post we get we will make a donation to charity.

Getting involved in positive causes and charitable giving is a natural part of our problem-solving, teamworking culture. We have a Charity of the Year programme (raising money this year for Acorns), regularly raise money for LandAid as a foundation partner and contribute to a number of charities across the UK and Europe. We hope that this campaign will help generate engagement to raise money for positive causes this festive season.

So, if you’re lucky enough to be a receiver of a chocolate bar, don’t forget to post and tag us on social. It’s all for a good cause!