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We are pleased to announce the appointment of Tom Willcock as Surveying Innovation Partner.

The appointment cements our focus on innovation in the property sector and in drone technology. Advances in data quality and volume, safer surveying and the cost reduction they offer, means the use of drones by building surveying firms is becoming increasingly popular. However, we are looking beyond the ordinary for their use.

Tom is an engineer by trade but has worked in a variety of corporate management roles throughout his career. He is the founder of Auster Aviation, a business that provides industrial and commercial drone surveying, and has previously worked with us as a sub-consultant.  His focus includes technology systems, innovation and risk, with a special interest in using drones to solve problems and improve efficiencies for clients. Tom will be based out of the Birmingham office.

“My passion has always been engineering innovation. I aim to use drones to solve actual problems that surveyors face every day. So much of the technology we use is designed to solve problems we have created, rather than the real issue at hand, and for us to use technology to its full potential, we must be vigilant about the problems we can solve,” said Tom.

“I am delighted to have been appointed Surveying Innovation Partner and look forward to leading Hollis into this new field of expertise.”

John Woodman, Senior Partner at Hollis, says: “The world is changing, and at Hollis we intend to change with it. The possibilities that drones offer are almost endless from a building consultancy perspective, and we look forward to working with this new technology. Tom has always been a great addition to any project as a consultant, and we are pleased to have him as part of the Hollis team.”