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We have developed a cost management tool that enables investors and developers to analyse the price of multiple projects in one consistent format, promoting strategic cost reduction.

Reporting in this way gives investors and developers much greater visibility on the cost of projects, and a greater understanding on where they’re spending and where the opportunities are for increasing cost efficiency. Taking data from multiple projects and normalising it in a consistent way clearly shows where costs are out of the norm and gives opportunity to focus on the elements where real savings can be achieved. The reports also enable investors and developers to see what development opportunities are viable in other countries.

Currently, cost data is presented in very different formats across Europe, making it difficult to review and compare the cost of similar types of projects. This is a headache for investors and developers who wish to build the same type of development in different locations. We’re able to include any type of data in the reports, ensuring they are tailored for each client.

We’re working with The Student Hotel to manage the cost of purpose built student accommodation developments across Europe.