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With social distancing measures in full effect across the world to help limit the spread of COVID-19, maintaining ‘business as usual’ will be an ongoing challenge. This is particularly true for businesses in the real estate industry, where so much of the everyday work involves face-to-face, on-site interaction. And this is where drones and 360 data capture really come into their own.

Capturing data remotely is what drones and 360 cameras do best. As face-to-face contact becomes obsolete for the time being, using drones to carry out inspections from a distance can provide a safe and effective alternative to in-person inspections. As well as minimising the need for surveyors to physically interact with site managers, building owners and clients to gain access to a property, the data collected by a drone – and therefore the conclusions that a surveyor can draw from it – can be much more comprehensive.

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As well as drones, 360 panoramas/tours are also a highly effective way to eliminate the need for clients and surveyors to be physically present on site for visits and inspections. Using our own solution, H360, we can produce virtual tours of a property to provide immediate access to onsite information from anywhere in the world. The data needed to produce these panoramas can even be captured from outside the property, so the disruption is minimal.

If you’d like to know more about how we can help you to maintain ‘business as usual’ during the COVID-19 crisis using drone surveys and data capture, get in touch with Tom Willcock. We have a team of qualified drone pilots, surveyors and scanning specialists on hand and ready to help across the UK, Ireland and mainland Europe whenever you need us.