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The below was written in response to an article featured in The Irish Times.

A high-profile dispute between an investor and a property agent over the documented measurements of a property in Dublin, highlights the need for buyers to ensure they double check the size of a property before purchasing it.

Why is a measured survey important?

It is important for all sides involved in a property transaction to get their building measured by a professional measurement surveyor. Errors or omissions in measurements may cause implications from unnecessary delays to disputes and additional expenses.

If the purchaser had instructed a measured survey to be completed, he would have received accurate information about the property, including the size of the internal space, which would have impacted his decision making.

How are measured surveys conducted?

From the data captured, the surveyors can tailor the deliverables to the client requirements. In some cases, it will only be an area report, in others it will be full 3D models or floor plans, sections and elevations.

The measured surveys are independent and can be relied upon by all parties involved. The surveys are carried out in accordance with the latest measurement guidelines and standards, like the new International Property Measurement Standard (IPMS) or the SCSI measurement guidance notes.

How Malcolm Hollis can help you

Measured surveys are one of Malcolm Hollis’s core areas of work and one of our fastest growing services. Boasting a dedicated team of chartered geomatics surveyors and 2D/3D CAD technicians, we have extensive experience in this field and provide a thorough, efficient and tailored service across the UK, Ireland and mainland Europe.

We use the latest Leica survey equipment and software to capture and deliver accurate measurement surveys. Our full range of internal and external survey products allows us to report on the most complex of buildings.

These products can be provided as stand-alone services or can be undertaken in conjunction with our other service areas such as project management, technical due diligence surveys or rights of light.

For examples of laser scanning visualisations, visit the Malcolm Hollis YouTube channel.