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Investors continue to see the UK property market as a safe bet for good returns, and JLL has predicted that investment in the UK property market in 2020 will total around £55 billion, up on the estimated £47 billion from last year.

Where there are buildings, there is a profit to be made. However, bricks and mortar can hide a range of unsavoury issues, which is why we at Hollis recommend vetting your investment with our holistic technical due diligence (TDD) surveys, which provide advice on the many different ways to get more value from your real estate.

In every property investment transaction, it is critically important to conduct the relevant checks. Completing a purchase is not without its challenges and in an effort to push to completion, it can be easy to cut corners in an attempt to get that signature on the dotted line. But the importance of a rigorous TDD survey cannot be underestimated.

At Hollis, we know that TDD surveys can mean the difference between a £2 million deal and a £20 million dud. We have a full-service specialist team ready at the drop of a hat to survey sites across the UK and Europe. Our teams are detail oriented, precise, and armed with the specialist knowledge to cover off all aspects of technical due diligence.  We pride ourselves in preparing TDD reports that you, your funders and your potential purchasers can rely on.

Over the past few years, we have expanded our specialist areas and dedicated teams of experts, so that we have in-house expertise and capabilities in the following areas:

Whether for individual or portfolio instructions, our experienced teams have the skills and resources to provide a range of quality, bespoke building surveys quickly and competitively – from a vendor pack to a pre-acquisition survey.

We are able to produce detailed survey reports and recommendations as quickly and efficiently as possible. We understand your commercial drivers, meaning you can rest assured that the advice you receive has your best interests at heart.

No matter the state of the market, it’s critical to have a due diligence team in place that you can rely on. If you’re buying or selling assets in 2020, make sure to give our team of experts a call to discuss your requirements and our holistic approach to TDD.