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Toni Goldsmith, a graduate in our Measured Surveys and Area Referencing team, discusses her role at Hollis, why she enjoys geomatics and how her team are coping with COVID-19.

When did you join Hollis and why did you choose our graduate scheme?

I joined Hollis in 2018, after graduating from Newcastle University with a degree in Surveying and Mapping Science. I chose the Hollis graduate scheme because having completed a three-month placement at Hollis the year before, I knew that I’d be able to gain invaluable experience to develop my skills and understanding of the industry, whilst working alongside leading experts.

What attracted you to a career in surveying?

My interests in surveying first sparked in 2015 when I attended an open day at Newcastle University. By chance, I stumbled across the geomatics course taught by the university and after researching the subject further, a career within this field soon became very appealing to me. I particularly enjoy the balance between desk-based work and being out on site as each day is completely different. The variety of work allows me to develop my practical skills on site, whilst also advancing my understanding when processing data back in the office.

What does a typical day in the life of a land surveyor look like?

Every day varies but typically my role involves measuring, scanning, surveying and recording so that our clients have the data they need to make informed decisions – whether that be ahead of purchasing or leasing an asset, for example.

I get to work with the latest Leica measuring equipment and 3D visualisation techniques to create plans and elevations. Each project requires our team to carry out a site visit which could be anywhere from Ashford to Madrid!

My first year at Hollis mainly involved working alongside senior surveyors to gain the skills I needed, to be able to independently carry out surveys. I’m now able to supervise various projects, overlooking the initial data capture, through to the delivery of our high-quality products.

What has been your favourite project to date and why?

A site I thoroughly enjoyed working on, was a property in Mayfair called Queensbury House. This project was one of the first projects I was able to work on where I assisted with both the data collection and the production of various drawings. At this point, I had just relocated from Newcastle so carrying out a site visit in the centre of London allowed me to see a whole new side to the city. The building itself was unique and fascinating to draw, but I also got to meet some very interesting people. Overall, I learnt a lot and had fun.

How has COVID-19 impacted your team’s work?

At Hollis, we are constantly evolving to ensure we stay up to date with new technologies. Because of our robust infrastructure, we have been able to work collaboratively (albeit from home) to ensure we continue to meet our client’s needs.

Where safe to do so, we’ve carried on with business as usual. Vacant sites allow us to measure and collect all necessary information with less time on site. So, we’re very much pushing onwards and adapting to this ‘new normal’, the Hollis way.

Toni Goldsmith
Surveyor – Measured Surveys and Area Referencing
London Battersea
M: +44 7776 598870