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04 October is improve your office day, so we asked our workspace expert Dan Roberts the top five ways you can spice up your office to promote wellbeing and productivity.

1. Ditch the formal reception

These days, we’re seeing more and more clients shifting away from traditional, barrier-like reception areas to create a more open and welcoming space. And with rental costs ever increasing, it makes sense to make the best possible use of floor space – which often means ditching the large, formal reception to make way for a smaller, concierge-style one. By doing this you can make room for extra desk space, which could be the difference between allowing your business to expand in your existing office and having to move to a larger one (which can be costly, especially mid lease term).

2. Bring the outside in

Many of our clients are investing heavily in biophilia, from potted plants to grass-effect carpets to living walls. And it’s no surprise – there’s a plethora of evidence out there pointing to the myriad benefits of introducing nature, greenery and plants into the workplace, including significant stress reduction and boosting productivity and creativity by up to 15%. Biophilic design could even make your office cleaner: according to some research, plants can trap air pollutants in their tissues and decrease the spread of germs!

3. Store room vs. more room

No matter how much we want to keep them clean, store rooms somehow always manage to accumulate junk. Not only that, but they take up valuable floor space. So why not try going paperless and replace your store room with storage walls, or shelves cleverly incorporated into partitions? As well as being a much more efficient use of space, these actually improve acoustic performance significantly when compared to a standard partition wall.

4. Collaboration is key

Try providing break-out spaces where your staff can collaborate and socialise, whether that be a team meeting area or a games room. Having spaces like these helps employees to form stronger relationships with one another which, in turn, keeps them content; research shows that people who have a friend at work are happier and much more productive.

5. Wake up and smell the office

Smell is one sense that’s often overlooked when considering workspace design, despite there being evidence to suggest that it can influence productivity. Research carried out by fragrance producer Takasago on typists in Japan found that 54% of subjects made fewer errors when they could smell lemon, 33% fewer when smelling jasmine and 20% fewer with lavender. So perhaps it’s time to experiment with different scents in the office and see what difference it makes.

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