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In this period when all that is certain is uncertainty itself, we find ourselves facing new challenges in inspecting buildings and carrying out business as usual. This is one of a series of Hollis briefings on how to tackle common tasks during the Coronavirus restrictions.

Given the current social distancing measures put in place to tackle the spread of COVID-19, building occupants are reluctant to allow visitors into their premises, and we’re imposing restrictions on our own employees inspecting heavily occupied buildings too to protect their safety. And for matters which rely on an inspection of the property to progress, such as dilapidations claims and other lease events, this presents obstacles for landlords and tenants alike.

We can provide advice on everything you need to know about navigating dilapidations and lease events in this complex time, including:

  • What can you do when you can’t get in?
  • Dealing with L&T matters ‘blind’, and the potential legal issues you need to know about
  • The Coronavirus Act 2020 and what this means for you
  • Top tips to protect yourself
  • How we can help you inspect and capture as much data as possible using drone surveys and 360 cameras to maintain business as usual

If you’d like more information or advice on how we can help you tackle dilapidations and lease events during COVID-19, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Chris Sullivan or Nicholas Dowding QC. Or to find out more about how we can use drones and 360 data to help you maintain business as usual, contact Tom Willcock.