FM consultancy, or facilities management consultancy, is an important asset management tool, yet one which is frequently overlooked. Why is this the case when managing and maintaining existing assets properly is more important than ever?

Our expertise in FM consultancy at Hollis relates to engineering services. Many are not aware of the benefits a FM consultant can bring to property owners, occupiers and managers. A robust FM strategy protects and can enhance an asset’s value. Our consultancy ensures that professional, technical and pragmatic MEP support is provided to clients throughout a property’s lifecycle. Saving money and futureproofing buildings, it’s a wise investment and one to be considered from the offset – most certainly not as an afterthought.

There are a variety of products to consider as part of FM consultancy, including term consultancy, maintenance contract tenders and engineering statutory compliance audits. Let’s start with term consultancy, seeing as it is one of our most specialist products, and one we’re particularly proud to offer.

A brief on term consultancy

Term consultancy is the core product within our FM consultancy offering, involving ongoing maintenance audits, meetings and technical support. Our FM consultants become the trusted advisors for the site, maintaining regular contact with the client while providing day-to-day technical support throughout the year. They will also conduct regular audits to review the quality and completeness of the maintenance contractor’s activities. Our reports can flag energy and cost saving opportunities, or other specific requests to fit clients’ needs. Providing clear reports to our clients, term consultancy allows complete transparency of how a building is being maintained and the performance of those maintaining it. Our reports provide a tracker structure to ensure any issues are managed to completion.

Other FM consultancy products

Maintenance tenders see FM consultants procure tailored MEP maintenance contracts for clients and manage the entire process for them, looking after both planned and reactive maintenance activities for a property. Other products such as asset registers and statutory compliance reviews provide key information to clients at various stages of the building’s lifecycle.

Many of the products within FM consultancy can work alongside other Hollis service offerings such as MEP projects, ESG, tenant alterations and building defects. Your trusted FM consultant can spot where to maximise the value of your asset and instruct other experts in different service areas to assist. This comes naturally to our One Team approach.

Saving money by getting things done

Everyone inside and out of the industry is feeling the pinch of the cost-of-living crisis and economic turbulence. An FM consultant can drive cost savings. A quick payback option, our fees are usually quickly returned through the cost savings achieved. This may be through procuring a bespoke maintenance contract that is higher performing than the existing but costs less, providing advice on contractor quotations, or through less obvious savings such as future lifecycle plant replacement and asset value.

We are all constantly looking for new ways to innovate, whether that be new technology or processes, but sometimes things can simply be done in a slightly different way.

Important ESG considerations such as BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Methodology) and MEES (Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards) often mean that buildings have the potential to be high performing; but the ongoing management and operation can often subsequently be neglected. By being involved at the early stages of a building’s lifecycle (or a project lifecycle) we’re able to proactively procure a maintenance contractor and produce a maintenance strategy ready for the client at PC. This way of doing things is not rocket science, but there is often a rush at the last minute to arrange this. Early, proactive involvement allows us to help you; your maintenance strategy is ready to go from the offset, which we can implement in the initial design and planning stages. A time and money saving solution for clients and their assets.

Allow FM consultancy to help you

A well-considered maintenance strategy is essential for the reliable and optimal operation of a building, ensuring all MEP assets operate efficiently, reaching or exceeding their indicative lifespans. FM consultancy is designed to create this maintenance strategy that sees building owners, managers and occupiers create a robust, efficient, healthy and productive environment.

Managing existing assets successfully is more important than ever in reducing environmental impact and providing both cost and time savings; FM consultancy can achieve this for you. To find out more, get in touch with our FM consultancy expert Derek Houston.