The Building Safety Act has been updated to introduce new duties relating to fire and structural safety. The 01 April 2024 deadline means that every in-scope building will need to have a Safety Case and Safety Case Report. Read on to find out what’s involved and how Hollis can help.

What is a Safety Case and Safety Case Report

The Safety Case and Safety case Report requires the Principal Accountable Person (PAP) to identify, mitigate and manage the hazards and risks in their buildings. Detailed, accurate information about the building will be critical when preparing the case and report.

The safety case should include thorough information on your building’s construction, methods and materials used. Records of refurbishments and other changes, as well as services and utilities are a requirement.

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We recommend preparing as early as possible to be ready for the 01 April deadline. Our multi-service team are ready to assist you with health and safety, mechanical and electrical and area referencing. We can support with reviewing your documentation and advising you on what is needed to be compliant. Get in touch today to discuss your challenges and requirements today.

You can read our information flyer here.